Our Dogs

Cooper & Sushi

Cooper is a limitless source of energy and enthusiasm, one of the few greyhounds we have met who will play fetch, Cooper is large even for a greyhound, is strong and relentless in his pursuit of affection. Cooper plays well with Sushi and they are often given a large space for just the two of them to play as they choose.

Sushi has been a member of the colony for some time now and our resident menace. Also with seemingly limitless energy Sushi loves it most when Jacob our sixteen year old son comes to the kennels to play. When not out running and playing with Cooper or stretched out in his pool (in the summer) Sushi is often sunbathing amongst his pack mates, Vixen, Jerry, Nash and Winnie.


The current “Patriarch” / Alpha of the colony any new dogs meet Dragon first. A very quiet dog Dragon is often within arms reach i.e. within patting range. Dragon is trusted to come when called and often accompanies the family on errands away from the farm, he is a regular at our local Farmlands and Bunnings stores. When not curled up on the backseat of a vehicle Dragon is often found sunbathing / sleeping on a trampoline bed but vanishes in the rain…. Dragon does not DO water. 

Indy & Flynn

One half of a dynamic duo Indy and Flynn are inseparable. Indy is full of life and fun and Flynn is often full of Indys dinner. Indy loves to chase a thrown soft toy or anything else that moves and can be relied upon to never bring it back. Indy and Flynn are both given access to the sprint track every day and despite being smaller she beats him every time even if he has a head start…… Flynn is goofy but not stupid.


Coming to the colony from the Waikato with kennel buddy Nash, Jerry is a quiet but dependable dog. A personal favourite of Kelly’s Jerry is not excitable, is predictable and well behaved. He loves to chase a thrown toy and will often return it for more play. The game is over when he trots of to his kennel with his prize for a gnaw. Jerry gets access to the sprint track with kennel buddy Nash. Being faster on the turnaround at the end of the closed run Jerry often beats Nash home.


Very new to the colony Mila is four and adjusting to the changes from the routine as a competitive dog to a do as you please semi-retired dog life. Mila seems to feel safest close to her kennel, ducking back inside for security when she is anxious. Mila is very affectionate and when relaxed is full of youthful energy.


The youngest dog in the colony and the newest dog to the colony Trophy is like Mila slowly adjusting to semi-retirement. Not particularly social with other dogs yet Trophy is happiest in large run by himself with no muzzle, content under those conditions to laze, scratch is back and sunbathe. Trophy is unique to us as a greyhound in that he will voluntarily roll over to expose his underbelly for a rub please.